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How blue light is damaging our skin

We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen to protect against harmful UV rays and, more recently, we’ve started to take into account how pollution can affect us. What many people often don’t realize is how much blue light affects our skin.

It is theorized that blue light emitted from our devices may lead to premature skin aging and skin damage. “Blue light is thought to contribute to wrinkle formation and skin discoloration,” warns Ainah Tan, MD, FAAD. HEV light is also found in the sun’s rays, but even if we’re careful about our time in direct sunlight, most of the day we’re exposing ourselves to it. If you divide the number of hours spent on screens by those we spend in front of natural light sources—or outside for fun!—it becomes clear how detrimental blue light can be to our health.

While early research has shown that blue light from the sun can lead to melasma and hyperpigmentation, we’re now understanding how it can affect the skin. Smaller studies have found that blue light from the sun leads to melasma and hyperpigmentation. Tan says “larger-scale studies are needed to see whether the blue light emitted from our phones and computers also contribute to this issue,” but notes that “anecdotes—such as worse hyperpigmentation on the side that people hold their phones—does look like blue light is a related factor.”

Tan suggests limiting phone use to a minimum and using the dimmest setting possible on our screens. She also recommends wearing sunglasses outside and making consistent weekly appointments with a dermatologist, who can limit blue light damage. We can make this easier by prepping our skin with products designed to combat one of the main causes of aging: blue light.

“Most sunscreens unfortunately do not help protect you from blue light, but this is why I recommend sunscreen with iron oxide. It protects against both visible and UVB rays,” says Tan. In addition, antioxidants and vitamin C may help repair damage from blue light exposure, which is why I also recommend products with these ingredients.

Here are few helpful products that’ll protect your skin from blue light damage:

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